The Forward

The Radical New Face of the Jewish Settler Movement - An examination of the Hilltop Youth movement made up of teenage Jewish settlers who live on the fringes of Israeli society and commit violence against Palestinian villagers. 

Welcome to Haifa, the Israeli City That Refuses to Hate - Haifa, a mixed Jewish and Arab city in Northern Israel, has remained mostly  immune to the recent violence in Israel and the Palestinian Territories. Here's why. 

Iconic Mideast Photo is a Fake, and a Heartbreaking One at That  - How a staged photo of two Israeli boys dressed up as Israeli and Palestinian friends came to represent the failed hope for peace in the Holy Land. 

Transgender and Jewish - An ebook about transgender Jewish life in America.  The essays and reported stories originally appeared in the Forward. 


The Jerusalem Street at the Epicenter of the Violence  - To Palestinians it's Al Wad Street. To Jews it's HaGai Street. In English it's Valley Street. Why this Jerusalem street has been the scene of several stabbings in recent months.  

Gaza Braces for the Next War, But Last One Hasn't Really Ended - Nine months after Israel's Operation Protective Edge, Gaza was still a rubble landscape with few houses rebuilt. As Hamas and Israel prepare for another war, Gazans haven't escaped the last one. 

I Spent 18 Hours in the Tel Aviv Central Bus Station - Part mall, part transportation hub, Tel Aviv's Central Bus Station is probably the most loathed building in Israel. It took me 18 hours to find out why.  

Noah Pozner's Family Remembers and Mourns - A profile of a Newtown family in grief after the Sandy Hook school shooting. Winner of a 2013 feature writing prize from the Newswomen's Club of New York.

The Ultimate Mormon Male - Mitt Romney generally avoided talking about his faith when he campaigned for president in 2012, but being a Mormon shaped him in important ways. 

Gay Mormons Challenge Church - Maverick leaders are trying to welcome gay Mormons back to the LDS Church. In some cases, it's working. 


Dallas Observer

Dallas' The Bridge Homeless Center May Actually Make a Difference - With a no-hassles approach to panhandlers, a Dallas shelter hopes to kill homelessness with kindness. 

Radio Salaam Namaste Signals Growth of Irving's Desi Community - The first 24/7 Indian music and news radio station broadcasts to Desi immigrants in the Dallas suburbs. 

Denver Westword

Is This Muslim Republican Mr. Right? - On the campaign trail with State House hopeful Muhammad Ali Hasan, a wealthy, brash Muslim Republican trying to win over Colorado's rural voters.  

Affordable Housing a Tough Sell in Stapleton - Stapleton, the largest urban in-fill project in the United States, was supposed to accommodate everyone — rich and poor. So how come its affordable housing plan was so slow to get off the ground? 

Death Sentence - An investigation of how Colorado's halfway house residents are denied healthcare by both the state and their employers, leaving them in a dangerous medical no man's land.

Colorado Springs Independent

Mom's the Word - An investigation of Colorado Springs' premier crisis pregnancy center, where women considering abortion are given medically-bogus information to deter them from the procedure. 

Out of Sight - In the wake of deportations, Colorado's undocumented immigrants began leaving the state on their own out of fear. Winner of a third place award in immigration reporting from the Association of Alternative Newsweeklies.


Other Favorites

Britain Puts Mormonism on Trial - For The Daily Beast, a story about a London court that ordered an LDS leader to account for false teachings — a charge that reminded Mormons of their historical persecution in the UK.

The Five Star Occupation - For Guernica, a magazine story on Ramallah's economic renaissance, and what it means for the Israeli-Palestinian peace process. Winner of the 2011 thesis prize for Master of Arts candidates at the Columbia School of Journalism.





Sheriff Investigates Mormon Polygamists in Westcliffe - For the Colorado Independent, an investigation of a growing polygamist Mormon compound in Southern Colorado. 

1908 Black Political Activism Signals 2008 Obama Nomination - For the Colorado Independent, a story looking at racial politics during Denver's 1908 Democratic National Convention, in light of the 2008 DNC.