A sample of my recent, favorite, and award-winning works:

Israel and the Palestinian Territories

Tel Aviv’s One-State Reality Foreign Policy

What Ever Became of the ‘Children of Jerusalem’?The Forward, Society of Professional Journalists Sigma Delta Chi prize

How Solar Power is Helping Gaza Residents Overcome Electricity Crisis The National

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The Teenagers Pushing Israel to the Right The Atlantic

Palestinians Protest Additional al-Aqsa Mosque Security Measures — Financial Times

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Iconic Mideast Photo is a Fake, and a Heartbreaking One at That  — The Forward

Gaza Braces for the Next War, but Last One Hasn't Really Ended — The Forward

I Spent 18 Hours in the Tel Aviv Central Bus Station The Forward

United states

Noah Pozner’s Family Remembers and Mourns The Forward, Newswomen’s Club of New York Front Page Award

World’s Strongest Girl The Forward, City University of New York second place award for best multimedia package

Out of SightColorado Springs Independent, Association of Alternative Newsweeklies third place award in immigration reporting

The Ultimate Mormon MaleSalon

Gay Mormons Challenge ChurchSalon