Looking for writing help?

I coach new and experienced journalists and non-fiction writers in person in Tel Aviv-Jaffa and long distance over Skype. Knowing that ideas are a writer’s currency, I guide my clients to develop an ongoing practice of idea-gathering so they have an endless stream of topics to tackle in their work. My goal is to get my clients completing and publishing work right out of the gate. As a working journalist, I take on just a few writing clients at a time. Please reach out for more information and for my rates.

What My clients say:

I worked with Naomi when I was just starting to figure out how to write news stories. She not only helped elevate my writing to the next level, she guided me through the ups and downs of trying to make it as a journalist. She always had time for long conversations about story structure and professional goals, as well as quick questions about pitching and finding sources. Naomi's coaching particularly proved to be invaluable when she encouraged me to write a story I was at first unsure about. Later, when I placed that story in an outlet of my dreams, her edits shaped the piece into something I was proud of. Naomi is one of the most patient, brilliant writing coaches I've ever worked with! — Shaina Shealy, producer, Snap Judgment

Naomi is amazingly attentive on the level of story arc, as well as sentence. She thoughtfully guided me through working on a series of lyric essays, always being descriptive before prescriptive, and pushed my writing in more ways than I can count. — Caroline Kessler, poet and author of Ritual in Blue (Sutra Press, 2018)

Naomi was truly a wonderful mentor to work with. She read my work carefully and was able to engage with me on everything from the sentence structure and writing technique to the much bigger picture conversations about book-length work, book proposals, and what I was working on might mean for my future. Our time together helped transform the way I was looking at Israel. It also led to several pieces getting published and a lot more experience under my belt as a writer. I am very grateful to her for the time, energy, dedication, and skill that she put into her coaching. — Liya Rechtman, master’s candidate at Harvard Divinity School and Harvard Kennedy School of Government